The Amplion 1.jpg

The Amplion


A sound installation sculpture

Artist: Sean Langlais

A multi chamber tall, long, but thin structure, running along a wall with rectilinear features or free standing and circular, with curvilinear features, acoustic amplification sculpture in which the public is invited to momentarily place their communication device, such as a smart phone, in a niche, to create a unique sound art experience.


Several individuals will be able to combine their efforts in an attempt to create a symphony of sound. There could be 20, 30, or even more depending on final design.


For those who become more interested in the Amplion, there will be simple web link information such as QR codes to access content such as experiential sound sources on the artists web site or the university web site. A program could even be made available which could turn the individuals device into a sound sampler, synthesizer, keyboard, etc.


This sculpture would require no power and no unusual maintenance, it would be beautiful to look at, designed to work with the architectural space. It would be able to expand its function via optional online content that could be used to communicate all sorts of concepts, advertising, exploration, games of human interaction, sound art exploration, etc.


Build materials could be wood, printed plastic, thin metals.