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Light Interactive Kinetic Sound Sculptures


Electro-Magnetic Impulse Devices



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3D Printed Sound Amplification Horn Devices





Artist Statement

Sound And Technology Art:


In a very short time-span there has been a vast proliferation of technology, which has influenced the way nature is experienced. Some of my work strives for both reconciliation and celebration between nature, the technological device and human existence. Today I believe there is an entirely new landscape that is equivalent in influence to what is sometimes referred to as the great Mother Nature. This new landscape, which is equally as varying and complex as nature’s landscape, is the landscape of the device. In the book titled, The Evolution of Technology, George Basalla makes an interesting statement as to the nature of the device. Basalla surmises that a very rough figure of invented things can be reached by using the number of patents granted for inventions. In the United States alone more than 4.7 million patents have been issued since 1790. If each of these patents is counted as equal to an organic species, then the technological can be said to have a diversity factor three times greater than the organic.

My work is strongly engaged in the ever-growing and complex relationship between organic processes in nature and newly emerging products of technology. In my Master’s thesis work, titled, “Regression, Progression, and Skewed Material Culture through Sculpture,” I explored the nature of a range of electronic devices and materials; from first generation (1920’s) radio speakers, to contemporary disposable plastic cups. Through various sound and motion-based installations, I strive to reveal new possibilities of ordinary materials and objects. In these works I seek to open fresh, new perspectives that challenge and unite traditional divisions between sculpture, musicians, engineers, and scientists. I explore, design, and use various manifestations of solar power, engineered electronic circuits, electromagnetic devices (motors, speakers, etc.), audio and visual recording systems, and often, everyday functional objects such as cups and bowls. My work is inspired, in part, by scientific, philosophical, and technical writings and publications as well as the visual aesthetics of applied technology and the device. I am active in horology and the study of esoteric technology. At a very young age, I began an irreversible affinity for mechanized motions of machines and the human quest of the perpetual.